10 Genius Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know

You don't have to be a pro or spend hours to make your makeup look perfect, let these tricks work for you. These will help you ensure you have the look you desire easily, everyday.

Turn Eye Liner Pencil Into High-Intensity Gel Liner

It really fills in the holes in between your lashes and gives you an intense smudge like a kajal liner or grease paint. Get more details here.

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Where To Apply Perfume

Heat is what activates perfume. The pulse points on your body (where your heart rate can be felt) are the best spots to apply a scent, due to the warmth of your blood.

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Apply Mascara Without The Mess Using A Spoon

Place a spoon bowl-side down under your lower lash line. Apply your mascara as normal and the spoon will protect your skin from the mascara that didn’t quite make it onto your bottom lashes.

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