12 Creative DIY Ideas To Upgrade Your Sneakers

Your sneakers became old and boring? And you're thinking about throwing them away? Well, think again, because we have many interesting ideas to bring the life back to your sneakers, and even make them more beautiful than ever. Take a look at these ideas to upgrade your sneakers, whether they're old or new.

Shiny Silver Sneakers

Add glitter and studs to your boring white Converse to turn them into these gorgeous shiny silver sneakers. Get full instructions here.

Via www.lovemaegan.com

Dip Dyed Sneakers

All you need are some white sneakers, fabric dye (in your choice of colour), Vaseline, baking powder and an old toothbrush. View full instructions here.

Via www.frankie.com.au

Black & White Sneakers

Another cool idea to design up some white canvas tennis shoes!

Via www.abeautifulmess.com

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