12 Family Road Trip Hacks & Tips That Will Make Traveling Easier

Going on a road trip with your family means that you will have many memories and stories which can't be replaced, it also means that you will spend much time in the car with your family, sometimes this could be so hard for you to handle; therefore, we recommend to check out these hacks and tips that will make your road trip enjoyable and much easier.

Create Renewable Car Vent Air Freshener

These are not only cute but because they go into the vent they make the car smell better than the hanging air fresheners. Plus they only cost a dollar or two to make. Full tutorial here.

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Make Safety Phone Number Bracelets For Your Children

This is a great idea for keeping your children safe when they are in emergency situations. Create a fun bracelet and add your phone number with number beads. Learn how to make them here.

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Find Clean Public Restrooms With This App

This could be a lifesaver! SitOrSquat is an app that can help you find clean public restrooms when you're on the road. Download it here.

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