12 Fun STEM Activities To Do With LEGO

STEM activities are a great way for your kids to play and actually learn new things. STEM also promotes critical thinking and problem solving abilities. If you're new to the term STEM, it simply means Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, which are the main aspects that such activities focus on. In this compilation we chose STEM activities that can be done with LEGO bricks, as building with LEGO bricks is extremely easy and fun. Take a look at these nice activities to decide on your next activity with your kids.

LEGO Paper Airplane Launcher

Here are two ways to build a LEGO contraption that launches paper airplanes! Get more details here.

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LEGO Gravity Rollers

Here’s a neat LEGO project that will allow kids to explore the concepts of gravity, mass, force, and momentum, all while playing with LEGO bricks. Read more details here.

Via frugalfun4boys.com

Building Dams

Have you ever been to a children’s museum or science museum where they have base plates, bricks and running water available for kids to adjust the flow of water or create dams? This is our at home version of an activity we love at the museums. Learn more about this.

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