13 Creative Projects To Do With Clothespins

Clothespins are awesome, a lot of creative crafts can be done with them, and the best of it that they are really cheap, you can get 50 of them at a dollar. In case you're short of ideas about what can be done with clothespins, we have a nice compilation here for you of the most interesting and fun projects for you and your kids.

Make A Snowflake Ornament

Are you looking for a fun and easy ornament to make for your Christmas tree? Her it is.
Get full instructions here.

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Clothespin Airplanes

This is an easy and extremely fun activity for your kids.
Get full instructions here.

Via www.createcraftlove.com

Clothespin Caterpillar

Since kids always do butterfly crafts, it's fun to make this pompom caterpillar this time.
Get the tutorial here.

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