13 DIY Plushies Your Kids Will Love

Plushies are some of every kid‘s favorite toys. Some have trouble saying goodbye to their favorite stuffed creatures even as adults. Of course, you can always buy your child some toys from the store, but crafty moms know that the best things are homemade. Seeing your child‘s eyes light up after receiving a plush companion you made with love and care is a truly incredible feeling. And there are just so many ideas to try out! Cartoon character, fairytale creatures, cute fuzzy animals… Making homemade toys is also a great opportunity to reuse leftover sewing supplies as well as…socks. Learn more about it all here.

Easy Bunny Plushie

Adorable results with minimal effort. Watch video tutorial here.

Via www.usefuldiy.com

Panda Plushie

This fluffy pink toy only takes 30 minutes to make. Watch the video tutorial here.

Via www.youtube.com

Cute Bat Plush

This plushy tutorial is a great project for the Halloween season. Download free pattern here.

Via cholyknight.com

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