14 Innovative Garden Edging Ideas on The Cheap

A clean and tidy garden edge will define your garden and give it its unique look and feel, it will also save you unnecessary efforts in the future as it will keep your garden tidy. Everyone would love to have a professionally designed garden edges, but that would cost a fortune. However, you can make great edges that look really good yourself, without even needing those super expensive materials. Here are ideas to inspire you, they're functional and beautiful and the best of all, you can easily build them yourself.

Poured Concrete Edging

This edging uses concrete to form a curbing. The construction of these concrete designs is made on-site and very permanent.

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Brick Edging

With the bricks set, pour polymeric sand over them and use the brush to sweep it into the spaces between them. Get more details here.

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Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks are inexpensive, and if you use them right, can provide great-looking edging.

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