14 Survival Tips That May Save Your Life Someday Vol. II

In the case of an emergency, doing the right thing or having the right skill could make the difference between life and death, it can save your life or someone else's life. We have compiled a collection of some of the most crucial information and skills you should have to know what to do in an emergency or a disaster. It's really important that you and your family and your friends to have this knowledge.

Make a Hunting Broad Head From a House Key

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Wild Plants You Can Eat

Foraging is a great skill to have in your arsenal of knowledge. When you’re out camping, hiking, fishing or hunting, you’ll always have a little snack close at hand, and if something were to happen and you were stranded in the wild, you won’t go hungry.
Learn how to test wild edibles in 3 steps here.

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Foods That Lasts Forever

Although many foods will last for decades when stored properly (wheat, beans, pasta, etc.), there are some foods that last forever.
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