15 Creative Ideas To Help Your Kids Do Chores

What is your biggest achievement in your life? What is that thing which you are always talking proudly about? Is it your job? Is it your fitness? Or is it your travel around the world? How do you really feel if someone told you that you have done a good job raising your kids? That you have a respectful and responsible kids? I think it's the greatest feeling ever, it's rewarding and it would make you forget about all the hard work you have done growing up those kids. You should really be proud then. Raising responsible kids with good manners is not an easy mission, it requires a lot of effort and patience, and you should start working on that right from the cradle. You can start with keeping the kids busy with good things. Instead of watching TV all day and fighting each other and driving you crazy, you can fill their time with useful duties. You can assign your kids certain chores and reward them if they do them correctly. Chores will teach them to be responsible and will also teach them the principles of work and reward. If you want to make your kids' chores organized and interesting you can check the following chore charts and boards.

Feed the Chore Monster

How about a fun little monster that sits on the kid's wall to remind him of what he needs to do, and he gets to feed him cookies for all his hard work! This is proactive and much better for the kid's health than eating cookies himself when he feels accomplished. Full tutorial here.

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Printable Chore Cards

Kids do better with getting the chores done correctly when they have a written list to follow, and the more specific it is, the better. Get instructions here.

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Chore Sticks

This chore system is super easy to put together and requires only a few inexpensive materials. Find out more here.

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