15 Useful Home Repair Tips & Hacks

My brother Bashar, has a special talent in fixing things, he can fix almost anything, from fixing the electric generator to fixing a crooked door. I was wondering all the time about how could he know how to fix all these things? and where did he learn to do this? I asked him once about this and he told me that he learned to repair things by many ways, he always watches DIY videos and reads repair articles on the internet, he also examines anything broken that come into his sight, and he may spend hours trying to figure out how that thing works and try to fix it. Although I don't have his talent in repairing things, but I'm trying to learn from the Internet as he told me before, so here are 15 home fixes I've collected and they will sure be useful for you.

How To Replace a Broken Toilet Flange

First remove the toilet. Turn off the water line, flush the toilet, and remove the water line from the bottom of the toilet tank. Have bucket handy, as water will come out of the tank. Full guide here.

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How to Repair a Sagging Gate

A sagging gate is a common problem that many homeowners experience. Weather and constant use can cause deterioration of the bolts and wood where they are attached. It can become a real annoyance, dragging on the ground and becoming impossible to open. In most instances, it can be repaired with a few basic adjustments. Full tutorial here.

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Air Mattress Repair

You can put a small amount of talc over the patch after it’s been applied. The talc acts as a lubricant over the sometimes sticky rubber and cement and reduces the possibility of fabric sheets catching an edge of the patch and tearing it off. Get tutorial here.

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