15 Ways To Make Braids Interesting Again

When it comes to styling hair, you simply cannot go wrong with braids. Whether your hair is long and thick or medium length and thin, whether it's summer or winter, braids are perfect for any time and situation. Need something fancy? Adorn your braid with pretty ribbons or hair bands. Looking for a casual yet feminine and elegant look for work? Just a simple braid will do. Truly, braids are incredibly versatile, practical and a little boring. There are just so many times you can try a hairstyle before it starts to seem bland and overdone. But the best thing about braids is that they leave plenty of space for experimentation. Tired of the usual braid? Discover how you can make braids interesting again.

Eleven Warrior Braid

If you're a fan of the fantasy genre, this tutorial is just right for you. Read more details here.

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Waterfall Braid

Trust us when we say this braid is easier to recreate than it might seem. Learn how to do it here.

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5 Strand Dutch Braid

If you're bored with the ordinary three strand braid, try challenging yourself with a five strand braid. Read more details here.

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