15 Wind Chimes Ideas You Can Create By Yourself

Wind chimes could add a nice touch to your house, and could also generate nice sounds when the wind blows through the chimes. Wind chimes are easy to create, typically, they are made from suspended tubes, rods and bells; however, you can repurpose many old things you already have and turn them into wonderful wind chimes. Here are 15 beautiful wind chimes ideas you can create on your own.

Spindle Wind Chimes

This is a very simple project, you can turn these spindles into super cute wind chimes, using only a drill. Full details here.

Via www.confessionsofaserialdiyer.com

Flower Pot Wind Chime

This wind chime is made with 3 different sized terracotta planters, that have drainage holes in the bottom. Learn more here.

Via houseofjoyfulnoise.com

Rainbow Button Wind Chime

In case you are wondering where to got all these buttons, you can buy bags or containers of them at craft stores and discount department stores. Learn mere here.

Via craftsbyamanda.com

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