18 DIY Tips & Tricks For Those With Dry Skin

Whether you're only bothered by dry skin only in the cold season or all year round, we can all agree that dry skin is an extremely annoying problem to have. No one likes having flaky, itchy and red skin. And no one certainly enjoys being at risk of developing more serious skin conditions, such as eczema. What's worse, this condition is hard to mask as dry skin makes picking and applying makeup products much more difficult. But luckily there are solutions and even ones that don't involve hours in the dermatologist's office. DIY masks, creams and even dietary changes – there are solutions to help battle all kinds of dry skin on any place of your body, from the face to arms.

Dealing With Dry Feet

Mix Listerine (any kind) and vinegar with warm or hot water. Let soak for 10 to 15 minutes. When done wipe with cloth, the dead skin will practically fall right off. Read more about this here.

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DIY Cucumber Sugar Scrub With Essential Oils

Cucumbers are the holy grail of skin care. Incorporate them into a sugar scrub to effectively battle dry skin. Get the recipe here.

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DIY Natural Skin Care Routine

In order to combat dry skin, use this simple 5 step daily routine.

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